The National Federation of Professional Bullriders (NFPB) headquarters is in Mansfield, Missouri. It was founded in 1995 by Clint Jackson and Frank Walkowe. Its focus is to promote only professional level competition.

The 2024 season marks the 29th anniversary of the NFPB, which makes it the second longest running bull riding association in the sport. The NFPB has had sanctioned events in 29 states with an average of 150 performances a year. Sanctioned events have been as far east as New York, west to Washington, north to the Canadian border and south to Texas and New Mexico.

Every year, since 1995 the NFPB has held the National Finals in the Mid-West. Since 1998, the National Finals were in St. Joseph, Missouri at the Civic Arena and in 2017 were moved to Sedalia, MO at the Mathewson Exhibition Center on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

The NFPB takes great pride in it's athletes, events and fans.

Clint Jackson


1995 Roudie Broce - Zenda, KS

1996 Chris Edwards - Mayflower, AR

1997 Ransom Vance - Lincoln, NE

1998 Billy Stofer - Mansfield, MO

1999 DJ Vaughn - Charleston, AR

2000 Justin Carlton - Trenton, TN
2001 Justin Carlton - Trenton, TN

2002 Sean Rutherford - Elkland, MO

2003 Ryan Clark - Bradford, AR

2004 Curt Check - Eastman, WI

2005 Jermey Harris - Ravenden, AR

2006 James Crider - Vienna, MO

2007 Skeeter Kingsolver - McLouth, KS

2008 Henry Yoder - Garnett, KS

2009 Willy Ropp - Trenton, MO

2010 Tyler Harr - Stuttgart, AR

2011 Craig Sasse - St. Peter, IL

2012 Travis Smith - West Plains, MO

2013 Mason Lowe - Exeter, MO

2014/15 Skyler Sims - Peculiar, MO

2016 Ueberson Duarte - Minas Gerais, Brazil

2017 Dakota Eagleburger - Fair Grove, MO

2018 Cristiano Figueredo - Minas Gerais, Brazil

2019 Skyler Sims - Peculiar, MO

2021 Dakota Warnken - Wakarusa, IN

2022 Dakota Warnken - Wakarusa, IN

2023 Perry Schrock - Mendon, MI

An inherent part of the NFPB's principles is to offer professional quality events. We have a strict set of requirements, which must be met in order to be an NFPB sanctioned event. A sanctioning application must be submitted for review by the NFPB Board to get approved.